2024 IS HERE!

Say your goodbyes to 2023 you.. 2024 is here baby!

A new year means a new you, new goals, new plans and most of all, new chances. If you weren't so fortunate in 2023, forget it. This year is your year - as long as you make the most out of it!

If you're anything like me - sticking with your usual 'new year, new me' resolutions may not be the best place to start. We spend roughly 24 hours sticking to these, then move on to more appealing food, activities, and ways to waste our time (not that there is anything wrong with doing this).

BUT, to absolutely girl BOSS the shit out of 2024, we need to stick to those goals a little bit tighter (and yes, unfortunately this means a little bit of extra work). But don't stress, we're here to help, and follow your journey as you follow ours! 

We have compiled a list of our top tips for achieving success in the new year... 

1. Set REASONABLE goals

As much as I love your idea to workout 2 x times a day, eat no unhealthy food, and stop ALL social media activity. The reality of you completing just these three tasks is highly unlikely with the unpredictability of life.

Instead, setting a goal to workout once a day (twice if you have time), cutting back unhealthy food to once/twice a week, and cutting social media time to maybe just 2 hours a day. 

2. Create a plan to help you complete these goals

Jotting down in your journal that you are going to complete these goals is great, but without a plan, you're unlikely to follow through. 

Creating a plan - whether that's just a basic meal plan at the start of the week, or placing a weekly routine calendar in the kitchen, do what works for you. Personally, I have a whiteboard in my office. I write everything I'd like to do in the day, and when things change I can erase and re-start! This gives me flexibility to work with my life as challenges arise. 

3. Don't beat yourself up

As much as it pains you when things may not be done how you wanted them to, don't beat yourself up. You may have a big day at work and be unable to go to the gym. This isn't the end of the world. As long as you give 100% as much as you can, and seriously put the work in - you WILL see results. You are amazing and you are trying your best. 

And that's that. Give 2024 your 100% best effort and you will be able to achieve those 'new year, new me' goals in no time. 


A special note:

2024, a beautiful year where our small Australian biz was able to thrive amazingly - with your support! We turned 1, gained over 1,000 new besties, and received support from 4+ countries outside of Aus (like WTF). This year wouldn't have been possible without each and every one of you. So THANK YOU - bring on 2024!

All the love, 

By Elloise Boutique x 

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